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In an exploration of modern science and ancient spiritual knowledge, the documentary film !AITSA focuses on the construction of a radio telescope in the Karoo desert and the people who live there and their own deep roots in the land.

The construction of the world's largest radio telescope in the Great Karoo Desert in South Africa is a significant scientific project aimed at looking back in time to when the very first galaxies were forming. It may provide us with answers to fundamental questions about the beginning of the universe and the existence of intelligent life in space. But what does the construction of such a telescope do to the indigenous people who live there and have their own roots and stories about the universe and our place in it?

!AITSA raises the question of whether a modern scientific project can relate to the knowledge and history present at the site where the research is conducted, and whether there is a connection between the questions that science seeks to answer and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down through generations. Dane Dodds conducts interviews with scientists, indigenous people, and others connected to the Karoo Desert. The documentary is visually poetic and exploratory, with images constantly searching for truths within the landscape. The visual style is contemplative and beautiful, with images that prompt wonder about life's big questions.


Dane Dodds (b. 1994) is a self-taught artist, filmmaker and founder of MED CINE. He was born and raised in Karoo, South Africa where !AITSA takes place. He is currently living between South Africa and Denmark.


2017 AQUA REGALIA (short)

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Thursday 18. january

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Friday 19. january

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Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Sunday 21. january

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