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Mohammad Rasoulof reflects on individual freedom and moral choices in his new powerful film, There Is No Evil. In four chapters and with four protagonists, the film explores the impact of death penalty on the Iranian people's lives.

There Is No Evil weaves together four different stories around the central theme of death penalty in Iran, in the context of an authoritarian regime where men and women are confronted with tough moral dilemma. The four stories bring us into the lives of both the executioners and their loved ones, and examine how this form of punishment affects each and all of them. There Is No Evil is a reflection on individual responsibility and morality, but it is also at times a thriller, a romance and a family drama. Pulling away the chair under someone with at rope around their neck can be told in many different ways.

Mohammad Rasoulof's new film is a powerful meditation on individual freedom in a despotic regime. Although fictional, the film is based on the director's own experiences. His films have repeatedly been considered "propaganda against the regime" by the Iranian government, and Rasoulof has been sentenced to prison several times for the opinions expressed in his films.


Mohammad Rasoulof (b. 1972) started his career making documentaries and short films. Hs first film, The Twilight (2002), won the Best Film award at the Fajr Film Festival in Iran. After his second film he began to have problems with censorship, and to this date none of his last five feature films have been shown in his home country.


2017 Lerd / A Man of Integrity
2013 Dast-neveshtehaa nemisoosand / Manuscripts Don't Burn
2011 Bé omid é didar / Goodbye
2009 Keshtzar haye sepid / The White Meadows
2008 Baad-e-daboor / Head Wind (Documentary)

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