Commitment Hasan

Farmer Hasan is at a crossroads between challenges and new opportunities. A high-voltage mast can end up in the middle of his fertile and cultivated land. But can this invasion of modernity be resolved now that the neighboring plot is for sale?

For Hasan, farming the land he inherited from his father in an agricultural region of Turkey offers daily challenges. In addition, it's extra frustrating that a power line, with its associated mast, has to go over his fields. The tension between progress and traditions enters the life of Hasan and his wife, affecting their relationship with each other, neighbors and the local authorities. 
While planning a pilgrimage to Mecca, Hasan gets an instinct for his self-interest that starts to weigh heavily on his inner morality. Strong depictions of people build up the story with rich landscapes and stunning visual scenes. Through a stream of beautiful images, we also get a portrait of human imperfections, well-represented through Hasan's need to confront the consequences of his choices on those dear to him. Through both remorse and despair he has to question his conscience, and decide how to tackle the challenges thrown his way.


Semih Kaplanoğlu (b. 1963) is a Turkish screenwriter, film director and producer. His feature film debut came in 2001 with Away from Home and later he also started his own production company Kaplan Film. During the Berlin Film Festival in 2010, he won the Golden Bear with Honey. The film was the last in a trilogy where the first two titles were Egg from 2007 and Milk which came out the following year. 


2019 Bağlılık Aslı / Commitment
2016 Buğday / Grain
2010 Ball / Honey
2008 Süt / Milk
2007 Yumurta / Egg
2004 Meleğin Düşüşü  
2001 Herkes Kendi Evinde / Away From Home

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