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Recent high school graduates set out on one last adventure before the realities of adulthood consume them, hoping to reach the Pacific Ocean and attend the mythical "Party At The End Of The World."

Gasoline Rainbow is a semi-improvised film that follows five teenage friends from a small town in Oregon. We meet Nathaly, Makai, Tony, Nichole, and Micah, who after finishing high school embark on one final road trip before the responsibilities of adulthood catch up with them. Along the way, the group encounters various colorful individuals, sharing their hopes and fears with both strangers and each other. The five youths set their sights on the Pacific Coast and hit the road without a clear plan. This is a postcard showcasing the gritty, rural, and worn-out side of the United States.

The Ross brothers employ a unique blend of narrative and non-narrative elements by using amateur actors and handheld cameras to create an authentic portrayal of youth and exploration. They made their breakthrough with Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets in 2020 and return here with a new portrait of America from a perspective rarely seen. The film captures the joy of finding community and is a relatable and heartwarming experience for anyone seeking a sense of belonging.


The Ross Brothers are an American filmmaking team whose credits include the award-winning films 45365 (2009), Tchoupitoulas (2012), Western (2015), Contemporary Color (2017), and Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020).


2020 Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
2016 Contemporary Color
2012 Tchoupitoulas
2009 45365

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