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Welcome to a Relæxt screening of Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast. Life goes on in the tunnel of the two buddies and the badger. A life with song, jam and friendly giggles. But one day they are visited by the strict Conductor who wants to throw them out. Tunnels are for trains, not people.

Created by Øystein Dolmen and Gustav Lorentzen in the 1970s, the popular Knutsen & Ludvigsen universe (Two Buddies and a Badger) has made the delight of young Norwegian audiences through two animated feature films. In this second film, written by Dolmen, an unprecedented amount of absurdities is unleashed upon us. And the inspired directorial couple, formed by Rune Spaans and Gunhild Enger, makes this stand out as a rare experimental work in Norwegian cinema. At the same time, it is a commercial children’s film, so this daring approach deserves credit.

It is perhaps no surprise that young audiences will get carried away by the singing and bouncing around, and the many terrific visual ideas that jolts towards us from the screen, but adult audience members are also invited to dance – with playful, satirical jokes that connects the film to our time. Two Buddies and a Badger – The Great Big Beast is a highlight from recent Norwegian cinema, and we hope the duo will return in another film in the future.

NB: This screening is a collaboration with Hålogaland Teater's Relæxt program. Relaxed theater is open to everyone, but it is specially adapted for children, adults and families in need of a slightly more relaxed setting to enjoy the theater experience.
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Rune Spaans (b. 1974) is a Norwegian director, with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of animation, visual effects and design. After co-directing two features, his short film The Absence of Eddy Table became a festival darling in 2016.

Gunhild Enger (b. 1980) graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art, and has a Master of Film Directing degree from the School of Film Directing in Gothenburg. Her many prolific short films has collected awards and accolades on the international festival circuit, and Two Buddies and a Badger – The Great Big Beast marks her feature film debut.


Rune Spaans:
2016 The Absence of Eddy Table (Short film)
2015 Knutsen & Ludvigsen og Den Fæle Rasputin / Two Buddies and a Badger

Gunhild Enger:
2020 Play Schengen (Short film)
2016 Kommittéen / The Committee (Short film)
2013 Prematur (Short film)

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Wednesday 19. january

Kl 17:15
Hålogaland Teater


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