And Tomorrow the Entire World

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Luisa is a 20-year-old woman with strong political views. Opposed to the rise of right-wing politics in Germany, she joins an anti-fascist movement. As her involvement with the group strengthens, the risks she's willing to take increase.

Luisa switches her law studies for violent protests and sabotage missions, strengthening both her political views and her bonds to fellow Antifa members. While her beliefs are strong, she can't help but question whether all of their actions are good. While her initial introduction to the group was made through her friend Batte, Luisa soon finds herself drawn to more prominent members Lenor and Alfa. Their more aggressive approach to protesting excites her, while at the same time forcing her to face her entitled upbringing.

And Tomorrow the Entire World is the German candidate for the Best International Film category at the Academy Awards, and the fifth film by director Julia von Heinz. She was herself a member of Antifa in her youth, and much of the plot is based on her own experiences in the '90s. The aggressive tone of the film is contrasted by warm light, which highlights the action of their rebellion more than softening it.


Julia von Heinz (b. 1976) is a German director. She completed her film studies at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in 2005, and made her feature film debut two years later. In 2012 she received her doctorate degree, and she continues teaching while making films.


2015 Ich bin dann mal weg / I'm Off Then
2013 Hannas Reise / Hannah's Journey
2012 Hanni & Nanni 2
2007 Was am Ende zählt / Nothing Else Matters

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