A Ravaging Wind

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In this quiet but powerful drama, we witness the complex relationship between two fathers and their children stranded in the sun-baked Argentinian countryside.

On the dusty country road, we meet 18-year-old Leni and her preacher father, who both live in their car and have driven many miles to spread God's word. One day their car breaks down and they have to spend the night in a rusty garage where El Gringo and his subdued son take on the task of fixing the mechanical problem. Their different lives awaken a storm of repressed emotions in young Leni's sheltered and religious life, paving the way for a head-on collision with her domineering father!

In this non-traditional road movie, the characters travel further inside themselves, than in vehicles that bring them along the border to Uruguay. The performances are in high gear between the generations of actors brought together by director Paula Hernández, where the unsaid gets the loudest volume. The young acting talents Almudena González and Joaquín Acebo share the garage floor with two veterans of Spanish-language film, as the fathers are portrayed by Alfred Castro (known from several of Pablo Larraín's Chilean films) and the Spaniard Sergi Lopéz (known as the captain from Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth).


Paula Hernández was born in 1969 in Argentina. She is a director and writer, known for Lluvia (2008), Los sonámbulos (2019) and Herencia (2001).


2020 The Siamese Bond
2019 The Sleepwalkers
2008 Rain
2001 Inheritance

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