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Retired Georgian wrestling champion Kakhi travels all the way to New York to help his son out of a situation involving debt. Day by day, he is confronted with the troubled life of his son. One day, the kind and loving father comes up with a risky solution.

Brighton 4th is a tragi-comedy by Levan Koguashvilis, which tells a touching story about parenthood and care. After making arrangements to cover for his brother's gambling debts, Kakhi (played by real-life Olympic wrestler Levan Tediashvili) departs from his humble home in the Republic of Georgia. A cross-continental journey leads him to the former Soviet émigré enclave of Brighton Beach in New York, where he finds his son Soso (Giorgi Tabidze) in big debts to the local mob boss.

Brighton 4th is a sensitively rendered story of survival, packed with both cheerful Georgian drinking songs and heart-wrenching scenes of loneliness. Family and community can weave a crucial safety net in a world that looks the other way —which as Kakhi realizes in a gripping way, is all the more reason to fight for his son's second chance, even if it puts his own life at risk.


Levan Koguashvili (b. 1973) graduated from the Tisch School of Art's Graduate Film Program in 2006. His debut film, Street Days (2010), premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and his next film, Blind Dates (2013), premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. Brighton 4th is his third feature film, winning three of the main prizes when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.


2021 Brighton 4th 
2013 Brma paemnebi / Blind Dates
2010 Quchis dgeebi / Street Days

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