The Emigrants

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A Swedish family is struggling for survival in a small farm in the countryside. Their land is poor and their crops scarce. The year is 1849, and Karl Oskar starts dreaming of a better life in America, the land of opportunities.

In the mid-19th century, millions of Scandinavians left hunger and distress in the hope of a better life in America. In this epic tale, we follow Kristina, Karl Oskar and their young children on their dangerous journey across the Atlantic and further into the wild North America. The challenges are enormous, and some people must be sacrificed in order for others to survive.

This is a classic story about who we are, where we belong, and how to achieve our dreams. The film stars Lisa Carlehed in the lead role as Kristina, Gustaf Skarsgård as her husband Karl Oskar, and the international pop star Tove Lo as a fellow emigrant, and their great performances make this a poignant drama. Poppe has made the film relevant, and we can see parallells between this story and the immigrants of today - hoping for a better future, if not for themselves - then at least for their children.

NB! This is a pre-premiere of the film. 


Erik Poppe (b. 1960) is a Norwegian director known for his multi-layered films such as Hawaii, Oslo and Troubled Water, and dramas about Norwegian history such as The King’s Choice and Utøya: July 22.


2018 Utøya, 22. juli / Utøya: July 22
2016 Kongens nei / The King's Choice
2013 Tusen ganger god natt / A Thousand Times Good Night
2008 deUsynlige / Troubled Water
2004 Hawaii, Oslo
1998 Schpaaa

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