Katja Dreams Of Waking Up

Director Truls Krane Meby makes his feature film debut with this intense and funny story about a young lady caught in a myriad of self-imposed commitments. Leonie Rainer plays the excellent protagonist Katja and takes us through the whole spectrum of human emotions, where perhaps longing is most prominent.

Katja (27) lives in Berlin and dreams every night of her own death, and her waking hours are a constant stream of work, digital distraction and a paranoia about the future – her inner life moving at a speed that seems unsustainable. While on vacation in northern Norway, she has an extreme encounter with raw nature and gets a new perspective on herself - she returns to Berlin with the intentions of changing her life. But the demon inside her is hard to shake off.


Truls Krane Meby (b. 1986) is a Norway- and Berlin-based, award-winning and self-taught filmmaker from Lofoten, Norway, who works as a director, editor, and writer. He is an alumni of the Berlinale Talents and is currently developing several feature film projects. Katja Dreams Of Waking Up is his debut feature. 


2018: Mobil / Mobile (Short)
2015: Verdensvevde kropper / World Wide Woven Bodies (Short)
2015: Alle er tilstede / Everybody is Present (Short)
2014: God maskingeværlyd / Good Machine Gun Sound (Short)
2011: Til hånd til hånd til munn / To Hand To Hand To Mouth (Short)
2009: Grep / Grip (Short)

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