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Cop Secret is a spoof cop-movie packed with action, explosions, over-the-top soundtrack... but also feelings! When tough supercop Bússi gets paired with a new partner, formed male top-model Hörður, things don't go exactly as planned. 

Cop Secret starts with a high-speed car chase through the streets of Reykjavík, introducing supercop Bússi – a gung-ho, rugged guy... who is also a closeted gay man. When Bússi gets a new partner, the former top model Hörður, things get tough for our supercop: he falls hard for Hörður and struggles with his attraction towards his partner. Meanwhile, villain Rikki Ferrari, an ex-model as well, masterminds a criminal scheme, which Hörður and Bússi must prevent. 

This spoof buddy cop movie is a laugh-out-loud comedy with lots of absurd situations, explosive moments, and parody fight scenes. Director Hannes Þór Halldórsson uses all the codes of hyper-masculinity and macho films to turn them on their heads, creating hilarious scenes that play with all the genre's tropes. Bad guy Rikki Ferrari is also a permanent source of jokes, with his obsession with animal metaphors and American-English. So buckle-up and get ready for this action-packed comedy! 

NB! The screening at 00:00 is the night of Thursday to Friday.

NB! The screening of Cop Secret on Friday 21 January at 18h45 in Fokus 4 is part of the TIFF Ung program. This screening is reserved to 15-19 years old.
Tickets for the show will only cost 50, - and festival bracelets will be handed out at the shows to those who lack it.


Hannes Halldórsson is a professional goalkeeper and filmmaker from Reykjavik, who worked with Icelandic studio Sagafilm. He directed the video for Iceland's 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and a 2018 Coca Cola advert for the World Cup, which was chosen the Advert of the Year in Iceland. Cop Secret is his first feature film, and won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno film festival.


2021 Leynilögga / Cop Secret

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Wednesday 19. january

Kl 14:00

Friday 21. january

Kl 00:00
Screens Thursday night midnight
Fokus 2

Friday 21. january

Kl 18:45
TIFF Young
Fokus 4

Monday 24. january

Kl 20:45


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