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The Home Game is a spirited story of an impulsive Icelander’s comical attempt to complete his father’s failed mission: To finally get their beloved fishing village an official home game on the unused football pitch he built 25 years prior.

In the quarter of a decade since the rural lava football pitch was built, they actually never played an official game there. Yet. Kari Vidarsson registers an endearing team of underdogs in the prestigious Men's FA Cup with only a 50/50 chance of getting to play at their home field. Kari embraces his father’s old coaching philosophy and enlists anyone willing to play, including a fisherman and his son, a pessimistic churchwarden and a mother of three. The inclusion of their female player puts the game at risk as mixed-gender teams are deemed illegal by the FA, resulting in an unprecedented sequence of events on game day and an incredible moment by the unlikely female hero.

An uplifting story of humanity; you don't need to like football to love this feelgood documentary!


Smari Gunn is an Icelandic writer and director. After receiving a BA training in European Theatre Arts, Smari began creating his own work and further honed his writing at The NFTS and BFI Network.

Logi Sigursveinsson studied screenwriting and directing at the Icelandic Film School. 

The Home Game is their first feature-length film.

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