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The young teacher Samet is stationed in a windswept and cold mountain village in Turkey. He longs to return to Istanbul's bustling cultural life. But his plans begin to falter when he is accused of inappropriate behavior towards students, catapulting him into a profound personal crisis.

The teacher Samet is well-liked in the tiny countryside where he works, but after almost four years in rural areas, he has become both melancholic and resigned. He and the other teachers see themselves as the vanguards of enlightenment in an area inhabited exclusively by farmers, shepherds and their sheep. During a search of the students at the school, a fateful love letter surfaces. It is written by 14-year-old Sevim, one of Samet's students. The letter is confiscated, but Samet demands to have it in order to sort out the situation. But instead of giving the letter back to Sevim, he keeps it. This becomes the focal point of a tense confrontation, which leads to an uncomfortable situation for both Samet and his colleague Kenan, as the two are accused of inappropriate behavior towards students. Simultaneously, the two teachers meet the intellectual and politically engaged Nuray, which turns into an intricate triangular drama.

This cinematic and lingering narrative takes time for discussions, confrontations and contemplative melancholy. Merve Dizdar's portrayal of Nuray, which earned her the accolade of Best Actress at Cannes, adds a layer of brilliance to this cinematic tapestry. This is Ceylan's ninth feature film. He is known for Once Upon a Time in Anatolia from 2011 and Winter Sleep from 2014, which received the coveted Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.


Nuri Bilge Ceylan (b. 1959) is a Turkish filmmaker known for his contemplative approach to cinema. His films frequently explore themes of estrangement, existentialism, monotony, and the human experience. He is noted for his use of static shots and long takes, often in natural settings without staged sets. Ceylan's unique cinematic style falls within the tradition of slow cinema.


2018 The Wild Pear Tree
2014 Winter Sleep
2011 Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
2002 Distant

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