Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind

Step into the enigmatic world of Jerry Lee Lewis as Ethan Coen unfolds the compelling story of a musical maverick who defied norms and expectations.

Coen, in collaboration with film editor Tricia Cooke, masterfully weaves together a captivating documentary using exclusive archive footage, revealing interviews, and electrifying performances that span Lewis's sensational beginnings in the 1950s to his triumphant resurrection as a country and gospel icon.

The documentary touches on key aspects of Lewis's life—his controversial marriage to his cousin Myra, his marriages, medical issues, temperamental nature, and fascination with faith—providing a cross-section of the artist's complex persona. The film is a testament to Jerry Lee Lewis's unapologetic resilience, leaving us with an understanding of why this legendary artist remains an enduring figure in the world of music.


Ethan Coen is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning writer, producer and director coming from small independent films to big-profile Hollywood films. He was born on September 21, 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


2013 Inside Llewyn Davis
2010 True Grit
2009 A Serious Man
1996 Fargo
1984 Blood Simple

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