The Book of Solutions

The paranoid and bipolar director Marc Becker refuses to compromise when the producers don't understand his film. Escaping Paris, Marc and his crew seek refuge with his aunt in the Cévennes to finish the project, testing all limits.

Marc Becker (Pierre Niney) stands firm when his partner of 15 years, Max, and the film company don't understand his movie and want to take over the editing process. Taking his team, Marc flees Paris to finish his project in his aunt's house in the Cévennes. As he decides to stop taking his medicines, Marc rediscovers a book he once wrote. The film's completion relies on finishing this book. Fueled by Marc's manic drive for inspiration, the team constantly finds innovative solutions for this puzzling movie, even if it means compromising his aunt, the crew, and the entire village.

The Book of Solutions is a self-reflective, ironic comedy about the process of making a film nobody gets. Amid absurd jokes and hectic dialogues, this film teeters between lightness and discomfort. It's no coincidence that the protagonist shares many similarities with this film's director Michel Gondry, both in achievements and personality.


Michel Gondry (b. 1969) won an Oscar for best script for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), which he also directed. He's also known for Be Kind Rewind. His works are characterized by dark, witty humor and often contain quirky animations.


2013 Mood Indigo
2011 The Green Hornet
2008 Be Kind Rewind
2006 The Science of Sleep
2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2001 Human Nature

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