The Elephant

A young man arrives at an old mansion to visit the upper-class family living there. He is a stranger with a sinister reason about to make itself clear. They are not expecting this knock on their door. This is a most unwelcome visit, but it may turn out that the family have more issues among themselves than what the stranger is about to bring.


John Emil Richardsen (b.1979) er egentlig reklamefilm-regissør Dette er hans første kortfilm siden Bucuresti som ble visst på TIFF i 2003.


2003 - Bucuresti (TIFF 2003)

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Thursday 20. january

Kl 17:00
Fokus 2

Friday 21. january

Kl 12:00
Fokus 4

Saturday 22. january

Kl 09:15
Fokus 4

Sunday 23. january

Kl 09:15
Fokus 4


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