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A 45 min pre-talk before the screening of American Dharma. Egon Holstad (iTromsø) in conversation with Thomas Seltzer (UXA) on the current situation in the latter’s native United States.
Please note: This conversation will be in Norwegian.

How could a guy like Donald Trump become president of the world's most powerful country? What makes millions of Americans support him? What role have Steve Bannon and the far-right played? And what happens now that Trump is actually stepping down? The period following the presidential election has shown a country that seems to have gone completely off its hinges, with the storming of the Capital as a preliminary final. The day after Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, we gather the threads from American Dharma to Thomas Seltzer's own series UXA, and take up the conversation about the great political revival that has haunted the USA.

Thomas Seltzer
American citizen, musician, program manager for the Social Insurance Office. Has recently directed the documentary series UXA - Thomas Seltzers Amerika on NRK.

Egon Holstad
Norwegian commentator, music journalist, author, concert organizer, DJ, lecturer and former record store owner.

Duration: 45 minutes. The conversation is free and will be streamed live here on TIFF.no, right before the online screening of American Dharma.


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Thursday 21. january

Kl 14:00
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