Images of Artificial Intelligence

Images of artificial intelligence. Kabelvåg School of Moving Images' Symposium during Tromsø International Film Festival 2024

If AI is both technical and aesthetic mediums developing their own "lives," where do we find this life?
What images does AI produce, and what do they tell us about our human world? 
If we assume that art (and film) not only represents but also creates affective representations that participate in and shape the world, what are the specific representations that come from AI?
What do these images do? What do they want? 
AI is also called Machine Learning, machines that learn. Learning points to a process that never stops, unlike the concept of "intelligence," which suggests a finished and functioning form of the mind. All learning involves mistakes: without mistakes, there is no learning. Artists especially know this. We are an art school and are therefore doubly interested in mistakes: partly to learn and partly because mistakes tell us something about what we consider "correct." But what "mistakes" do the machines make, what do they learn from them – and what do we learn about them, and with them, when we look at their mistakes? 
A large part of our image tools increasingly contains components and processes controlled by AI. AI "helps" us create images – faster, better, sharper, more "perfect" – and cheaper. AI is a new technology. Do AI images teach us to see in a new way, as other technologies have done? 
In a public symposium at TIFF, we will show and talk about a poetic, critical, and experimental (perhaps even humorous) engagement with AI, with examples, materials, images, and discussions of and with (!) AI. 

Time: Thursday, January 18th, 10 am
Place: Tromsø library

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Thursday 18. january

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