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This film is not just a physical journey from two completely opposite places in the world; Argentina and Tromsø in Norway, but an inner exploration of understanding the world we live in. Alejandra Almirón leads us by a steady hand, with an observing camera and voice-over that constantly picks up surprises.

Alejandra works as an editor in Buenos Aires. A month-long power shortage in 2014 leads her to investigate. She finds that in 1859 a massive solar storm extinguished all power grids. Today a similar event would be catastrophic, as almost everything requires electricity. This is the start of a journey to meet individuals who share Alejandra’s growing concern for a global blackout. The last stop is Tromsø, Norway where Alejandra encounters scientists as well as the enigmatic northern lights. 


Alejandra Almirón (b. 1964) is an editor and director from Argentina. She is known for El tiempo y la sangre (2004), Equipo Verde (2013) and Museo de los niños débiles (2014).


2014 Museo de los niños débiles (transmedia)
2013 Equipo Verde (Documentary)
2004 El tiempo y la sangre (Documentary)

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