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Canan divides her time between the courtroom, where she defends a man accused of murder, and the hospital, where her comatose mother is. In a legal system where justice does not always prevail, she must make a moral choice that will have consequences.

Lawyer Canan (Tülin Özen) spends her mornings in the courtroom where she defends Musa (Ogulcan Arman Uslu), who is accused of murder, and her evenings in the hospital, where she watches over her comatose mother. She is convinced of Musa's innocence, but despite her persistent efforts to get the court to see what she sees, she faces resistance in a system that seems rigged. How far can she go to save Musa's life? The choices she makes can prove to have consequences for her both on a professional and a private level.

The film unfolds over less than 24 hours and is a claustrophobic court drama that follows the protagonist Canan closely in her maneuvering between the time in the hospital with her mother who will probably never wake up again, and her persistent attempt to bring justice to the court where she fears that a man is innocently accused. Director Nacar was a law student himself and has always been interested in the moral issues that can arise in a courtroom.


Selman Nacar (b. 1990) is a Turkish director. He first studied law at Bilgi University Faculty of Law in Istanbul before moving to New York to study directing at Columbia University. He has been a student at Berlinale Talents in 2019 and at First Films First in 2020. Tereddüt Çizgisi is his second feature film.


2021 Between Two Dawns
2020 Kadir (short)
2019 Alex (short)
2018 Verge (short)
2015 Kuyu (short)

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