Miss Osaka

A woman in search of her own identity leaves her whole life behind after meeting a Japanese woman in Northern Norway. She embarks on a journey to Osaka, which is filled of mystery, danger and seduction.

Ines is a shy young woman who aimlessly follows her husband on a business trip to Northern Norway. Hanging out at a high-class restaurant, she meets Maria, an enigmatic and seductive Japanese woman. As they get to know each other, their affinities lead them to an unforgettable night under the northern lights, which abruptly ends in the following morning.

In a dream-like drama, Miss Osaka depict the emptiness of Ines’s soul and her search for a new reality. 


Daniel Dencik (1972) is a Danish film director. His debut documentary Moon Rider (2012) won the Reel Talent Award at CPH:DOX 2012. He debuted his first feature film Gold Coast in 2015, and Miss Osaka is the second feature film he directs. 


2021 Miss Osaka
2015 Gold Coast 
2012 Moon Rider (Documentary)

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Monday 17. january

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Saturday 22. january

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Hålogaland Teater

Sunday 23. january

Kl 17:15
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