Performing arts <-> The art of film

“03:08:38 States of Emergency” as the medial interface.

After its premiere in 2019, Tore Vagn Lid / Transiteatret-Bergen's project «03: 08.38 Conditions of Exceptions» has been described as everything from performance, memorial, requiem and to a «single take» film work. Built as a live filmed audio-visual course, where both performers, scenography and spectators are geographically distributed in different rooms, and where games and interactions depend on both the camera's gaze and digital technology, the piece goes against established notions of theater on the one hand and film on the other. This also opens up discussions about new interfaces as well as new opportunities between two traditionally separate art forms at a time when the media is fundamentally changing.

The conversation is part of Tore Vagn Lid's ongoing research project, "The Dramaturgy of the State of Emergency", and takes the form of a panel discussion which will also be edited and published as a podcast.

Tore Vagn Lid (director TT-B and professor of dramaturgy, NTNU), Aurora Hoel (Professor of media studies, NTNU) and Anne Gjelsvik (Professor of film studies NTNU)
Moderator: Egill Pálsson (theater director, Hålogaland Teater)

Date: Sunday 16 January, 12h00
Location: Foyer at Hålogaland Teater

The event is free, but you need to get a free ticket here.

The event is organized in collaboration between TIFF, Hålogaland Teater and Transiteatret-Bergen



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