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A 45-year old Kosovar feels discriminated against at his workplace in suburban Germany. As his mind is taken by paranoid thoughts, the film devolves into a surreal psychological drama around the thin border between reality and imagination.

Xhafer is a Kosovo-born pharmaceutical engineer living in the suburbs of Germany. Small incidents – such as a rat hanging at the entrance of his home and being removed from the mailing list at work – make him assume that he is a victim of xenophobia, drawing him into an uncontrollable loop of paranoia and restlessness. While his German wife does not believe him, Xhafer’s identity crisis grows and every little gesture becomes a confirmation, slowly corroding his relationships. Once a fully integrated foreigner, Xhafer is suddenly trapped in an existence fueled by distrust and silence, making him exiled from his own life.

The film's narrative questions whether Xhafer’s feelings are real or imagined, carefully depicting the subtle ways racism can be manifested and how it affects a person’s psychological state. With a tense and almost hypnotic soundtrack, Exile portrays a middle-class man on the edge, witnessing his life falling apart.


Visar Morina (b. 1979) is a Kosovo-born Germany-based filmmaker. His debut film Babai (2015) was nominated for the European Film Award 2015 and was Kosovo’s nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscar. Exile (2020) is his second feature film. 


2020 Exil / Exile
2015 Babai
2013 Von Hunden und Tapeten / Of Dogs and Wallpaper (Short film)
2010 Der Schübling / Death by Suffocation (Short film)

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Sunday 24. january

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