The Nature of Love

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Is it the case that birds of a feather flock together in affairs of the heart? Or is a straight-shooting, passionate, flannel-clad rural carpenter just what the art-loving, intellectual academic Sophie needs most?

40-year-old Sophie is in a stable and loving, but perhaps a bit boring relationship with Xavier. They match in interests and values and have a nice circle of friends made up of like-minded people in Montreal, Canada. They have been together for ten years and have just bought a holiday home in the countryside. Everything is pretty good.

Sophie goes out to the house to meet a carpenter who is about to start much-needed renovations. Carpenter Sylvain is Xavier's exact opposite and proves to be completely irresistible to Sophie, who is quickly willing to risk everything to pursue her passion. But is passion enough in the face of a social sphere completely alien to her own?

The Nature of Love is a quirky romantic comedy about finding someone (or not) across social norms and walks of life, where both our protagonists find themselves in completely unknown waters visiting each other's cultures. Pierre-Yves Cardinal is charming as Sylvain and has incredible chemistry with Magalie Lépine-Blondeau as Sophie. All you have to do is lean back in the cinema seat and let yourself be seduced.


Monia Chokri (b. 1983) is a French-Canadian actress, screenwriter and director. She studied at Montreal's Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and began her film career as an actress. She was awarded a prize from the Cannes Film Festival for her very first feature film and has been nominated several times since.


2022 Babysitter
2019 A Brother's Love
2013 An Extraordinary Person (short)

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