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Both the fragile balance of a Parisian suburb and an unprecedented alignment of planets affect a drug delivery system controlled by two very different groups. The world is changing, and two brothers are feeling the pressure.

Even if everyday life is not significantly changed by disturbances in gravity, something happens when two brothers come into conflict with a young gang that wants exclusive control over the drug market. Daniel (Max Gomis) and Joshua (Steve Tientcheu) have their routine of daily drop-offs and it's done methodically. But this turf has lately come under new management with a bold and young crew, calling themselves rōnin, in this sense "samurai without a master". They operate without a leader and act as a collective which seems very threatening to these brothers. The situation is not improved when a childhood friend of the brothers shows up in the neighborhood after three years in prison.

A mysterious planetary event is sending the skies red over the suburbs of Paris. These surroundings around the cosmic phenomenon frame the story. No one really knows what impact this alignment of the planets will have on life on Earth, especially on gravity. In these surroundings, science fiction and social realism meet, and director Cédric Ido generously mixes a dose of realism with surrealism.


As a director, Cédric Ido (b. 1980) is already well-established, but he is also known as an artist, author, actor, and illustrator. He grew up in Stains, the backdrop for the film La gravité. In addition, he has lived in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa. His works have been to film festivals in Seattle, Dubai, and Venice.


2020 Gangrènes

2017 La vie de château

2013 Twaaga (short)

2011 Hasaki Ya Suda (short)

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