TIFF UNG: The Cord of Life

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A film with extremely good visuals and incredibly good music!

The Cord of Life follows the Mongolian electronic musician Alus. He is performing a concert in Beijing when he receives a strange phone call from his mother. Alus becomes convinced that his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's, would be better off moving to the rural area where she grew up instead of living like a captive in his brother’s city apartment.

This film is calm without being boring. It manages to maintain interest with a good mix of serious segments and humorous, uplifting scenes. The relationship between mother and son is beautifully told, and the ending scene is fantastic. A sweet, moving and beautiful film that deeply impressed us. The music, the plot, and the visuals are incredibly well done. Watching it on the big screen is magical!

Welcome to TIFF UNG! This film program consists of four movies specially selected by a dedicated group of young people.

Screenings are only for those aged 15 to 19 and are free of charge. Tickets will be handed out at Aurora Kino Fokus one hour before the screening. First come, first served!

Many thanks to Tvibit and Ung Kulturrabatt for the collaboration!


Sixue Qiao hails from Inner Mongolia, China. She studied at 3IS Ecoles & Formations d'audiovisuel à Paris de la France Academy. She has contributed to numerous short films. The Cord of Life is her debut feature.


2022 The Cord of Life

Min Festival


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Friday 19. january

Kl 18:00
Fokus 4


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