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A Moroccan love story between two people trying to overcome their past traumas. Traversed by loud rock-n-roll, mysterious snakes and drug-induced hallucinations, their romance unfolds in the midst of the violent underground world of Casablanca.

Larsen is an ex-rockstar and Rajae is a musically gifted prostitute. They meet unexpectedly during a car crash, and slowly delve into an intense and passionate relationship fuelled by their mutual love for music. Followed by the ghosts of post-traumatic stress disorder, Larsen and Rajae must also fight against the context in which they live: a cruel and authoritarian pimp, Larsen’s severe heroin addiction and Rajae’s angry and powerful client. As they become each other’s escape routes, they decide to run away from Casablanca in a motorcycle, while Rajae’s pimp follows them. The image of a snake becomes a recurrent symbol – not only in Larsen’s hallucinations but also in the film aesthetics –, fusing the dramatic plot with mythical connotations.  

Bouncing between a dark comedy, a musical and a violent western movie, Zanka Contact shifts with archetypes and brings the depth of 35mm Cinemascope to tell a contemporary Moroccan love story. The film contain scenes of graphic violence.


Ismaël el Iraki (b. 1983) is a Morrocan filmmaker based in France. He studied in the Directing Department at La Fémis in Paris. He directed the short movies H’rash (2009) and Carcasse (2007). Zanka Contact is his first feature-length film. El Iraki explained that he made Zanka Contact in part to process his own trauma terrorist attack at the concert in Bataclan, Paris, that he attended as an audience.


2020 Zanka Contact
2009 H’rash (Short film)
2007 Carcasse (Short film)

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Saturday 23. january

Kl 19:30
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