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The Palestinian teenager Amira grows up with a father jailed in an Israeli prison. One day her mother is forced to reveal a dark secret, which causes Amira's identity to be suddenly thrown into question by the community around her.

Amira is a story based on the allegation that since 2012, more than 100 children have been conceived using the smuggled-out sperm of incarcerated Palestinians. This is how 17-year-old Amira (Tara Abboud) was conceived as well. Her freedom-fighter father Nawar (Ali Suleiman) got married to her mother Warda (Saba Mubarak) while he was already serving out his sentence inside an Israeli prison.

Nawar and Warda are trying to fulfil their roles as parents for Amira, by acting cheerful and happy during their weekly visits to the prison. However, this task is not always easy, as they have never actually shared a bed. When one day, Nawar utters his wish of getting another child, Warda hesitates. A medical examination results in a confrontational family drama that turns impossible to solve. Amira is caught in the middle. She decides to take on a dangerous journey to look for answers, taking the audience along in this gripping drama. 


Mohamed Diab محمد دياب‎ (b. 1978) is an Egyptian award-winning screenwriter and director, educated from the New York Film Academy. His work is often centered around pressing issues concerning Egyptian society, and more recently, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His directorial debut film Cairo 678 was released a month before the Egyptian revolution.


2021 Amira
2016 Eshtebak
2010 678 / 678 Cairo

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