Camila Comes Out Tonight

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Camila is a passionate young woman who has to leave her liberal environment for a traditional school in Buenos Aires. There, she will find unlikely allies and strong foes in her fight for a better world - and maybe love as well. 

When her grandmother gets sick, Camila is forced to move from her liberal school to a private catholic school in Buenos Aires. There, she is confronted with conservative classmates as she tries to assert her political beliefs. Meanwhile, she gradually recognizes her feelings for Clara, one of her classmates who has a well-kept secret. Camila is fierce, outspoken, and ready to stage a feminist revolution in her new school – but can she do it on her own?

Camila Comes Out Tonight is a vivid tale of the whirlwind of feelings that is adolescence, as well as an intimate portrait of the contradictions of the Argentinian society. It touches on major topics such as sexuality, abortion, and colonization through the personal story of a young woman trying to find her place in society. The film received two nominations at the San Sebastián Film Festival in 2021.


Inés María Barrionuevo is an Argentinian director and writer. She has directed several short films, and made her feature debut with Atlántida in 2014. Her second and third feature films Lxs chicxs de las motitos (2020) and Camila Goes Out Tonight (2021), both received several festival nominations.


2020 Lxs chicxs de las motitos / Little Bikes
2014 Atlántida 
2012 La quietud / The Stillness

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