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A small close-knit Danish family suddenly suffers a terrible loss they struggle to cope with. Forever is a warm and intimate family drama about what happens to family relations when everyone is standing in the midst of a tragedy.

Maren and Egon live quietly and content in a small town in Southern Jutland. They have a good relationship with their adult children, they have pleasant jobs and hobbies, and they all meet for breakfast every time someone has a birthday. But then tragedy strikes, completely out of the blue, and the family members' different ways of coping with the grief only drive them further and further apart.

Frelle Petersen's low-key family drama does not make use of big showy scenes in this story of grief and belonging. The tragic events themselves are not given much space; it is the aftermath that matters. The small Danish town with all its supporting characters and beautiful landscapes is a fantastic setting, and the very distinctive dialect adds an extra authentic flair.
Forever is a quiet everyday story without sentimental funeral speeches and dramatic sobbing in the rain, but where a new type of coffee and a familiar piece of pastry can be just as powerful.


Frelle Petersen (b. 1980) is a Danish director and scriptwriter from Southern Jutland. He made his first feature film in 2016 but got his breakthrough with his second film Uncle, for which he won several Danish film awards. He often makes films from his home region, in their very distinctive dialect.


2019 Onkel / Uncle
2016 Hundeliv / Where Have All the Good Men Gone
2013 Mommy (short)
2012 As You Were (short)
2011 Going Nowhere (short)

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Wednesday 18. january

Kl 14:00
Driv Cinema

Thursday 19. january

Kl 11:30
Fokus 5

Sunday 22. january

Kl 14:00
Hålogaland Teater


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