Karaoke Paradise

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A heartwarming feel-good film about how karaoke culture has taken hold where you least expected it: In our introverted neighboring country in the cold north.

Evi, Finland’s most experienced karaoke hostess, wants to hug her customers’ pain away. With thousands of kilometers and bars behind her, she once again packs her gear and goes on a road trip through the northern landscapes of Finland. Her journey interconnects with the stories of Karaoke Paradise. Toni, the shyest guy in the world catches everyone’s eyes on the stage. Kari is searching for love and sings in his empty karaoke car repair shop. Elina can hardly walk because of Parkinson’s, but punk songs make her dance. Laura sings because talking is too painful. Karaoke Paradise is the story of how the Finns have found a unique way out of loneliness.


Einari Paakkanen (b. 1980) is a Finnish Director focusing on stories about human connection and communication with others. His films have been screened globally in festivals such as Krakow Film Festival and Nordisk Panorama to mention a few. His first feature documentary My Father from Sirius premiered at the Warsaw Film Festival in 2016.

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