History of the Occult

A satanic ritual murder, the final live broadcast of a current affairs program and an occult conspiracy which holds Argentina in its iron fist. These are the main ingredients in this stylish and intelligent horror movie with political undertones.

A notebook found at the scene of a ritualistic killing in Buenos Aires sets the journalists of the current affairs program "60 Minutes to Midnight" on the trail of a group of occultists who control Argentina from behind the scenes. The journalists plan on revealing this conspiracy during the show's final broadcast, and in the studio they have Adrian Marcato, a self-professed warlock who claims to be in cahoots with the country's political elite. Marcato is willing to admit everything on live TV in exchange for a mysterious object with magical powers, and as the clock counts down towards midnight, the journalists fight a desperate battle to get the truth out into the open.

With its stylish black-and-white cinematography and claustrophobic momentum, The History of the Occult is a horror movie out of the ordinary. Eschewing jumpscares in favor of psychedelic logic and tingling chills, Cristian Ponce's directorial debut is a thought-provoking metaphor for the social and political status quo in current-day Argentina.

This film was chosen by film critic Aksel Kielland.



Cristian Jesús Ponce is an Argentinian director and screenwriter with a background in TV. Among other things, he is the creator of the animated series The Kirlian Frequency, which is streaming on Netflix (although not in Norway). The History of the Occult is his first feature film.


2020 Historia de lo oculto / The History of the Occult

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