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Upper-class contempt, teenage anxiety, ritualistic cults, black comedy and tons of gore are just some of the ingredients in Society, a vicious attack on the upper-crust elites of Beverly Hills in the late '80s. The film is presented by Tromsø filmklubb.

Things are not easy for rich kid Bill. He has never really fit in with his wealthy Beverly Hills family. Despite all the money and prestige, he has always felt a little out of place in the community. To make matters worse, he has also begun to see strange creatures and forms. What Bill does not know is that thankfully, it can all be explained by the fact that his family is part of a bloodthirsty, ritualistic cult.

Cult director Brian Yuzna's feature film debut is a bloody horror satire of '80s America. The basic elements of the film have much in common with the teenage comedies of the time, with the handsome Billy Warlock in the lead role, who the same year became one of the original Baywatch lifeguards. But the film quickly develops into a violent and brutal horror film with unforgettable, practical special effects. The film was so gory that it took a full 3 years before it got a release in the US, but the film has now earned cult status.


Brian Yuzna (b. 1949) is an American director of Filipino descent. He rose to prominence as a producer and writer of such films as Re-Animator (1985) and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989). Since then, he has worked up a reputation as a horror-director.


1996 The Dentist
1993 Return of the Living Dead III
1990 Bride of Re-Animator

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