Good Night, Eva

While trying to go to sleep, wearing her new heart monitor, the 30-year-old Eva receives a phone call from her dad. He tells her that he is about to kill himself. Problem is, this message or threat doesn't quite create the response he was aiming for. This tragicomedy depicts a particular dynamic between a father and his daughter.


Luiz Felipe Sandre is a Brazilian director who has directed 10 Cents for Life, a documentary about friendship in the last years of our lives; Fátima, a short movie about racism among the dark skin Brazilian elite; and the award-nominee short film Alicia that exposes the privileges and cluelessness of white first world youth.

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Friday 20. january

Kl 16:30
Fokus 4

Sunday 22. january

Kl 22:00
Fokus 4


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