For 48 hours, documentary filmmakers Fredrik Oskarsson and Jacob Arevärn follow seven girls in a small town in the north of Sweden while they drive the artists at a local music festival in their EPA tractors.

Youth, dreams, and engines. Vilhelmina municipality. 8740 square kilometers. Population: 6,752.

The music festival, Midnight Light Festival, employs seven girls to drive the festival's artists in their EPA tractors. Their vehicles become the scenes of a series of unexpected encounters echoing the contrast between the rural and urban Sweden. For two warm summer nights, we get an insight into the lives, culture, and dreams of these young girls living in the interior of northern Sweden.


Fredrik Oskarsson (b. 1979) and Jakob Arevärn (b. 1981) are filmmakers from Umeå, northern Sweden. Fredrik has long experience with documentary storytelling as a director, producer and editor. Jakob has a background as a music video director and has recently completed several short films.

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