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The Monkey and the Mouth is an ambitious music film that mixes fiction and concert film. The musical parts are taken from three concerts in Oslo Spektrum in the spring of 2017. The spectacular concerts form the core of the film. It is a well-choreographed stage show that highlights the rap duo's charisma and professionalism. Director Thea Hvistendahl uses both the audience and the film's fictional framework to get the most out of the concerts. She has built a universe that is distinct and unlike anything you have seen in Norwegian films before.

If you're a fan of Karpe, join in!


Thea Hvistendahl (b. 1989) is an established music video director, who also makes short films. She is educated at Westerdal's School of Communication, where she completed a Bachelor's in Film and TV with a specialization in directing. She made her feature film debut in 2017 with The Monkey and the Mouth.


2020 Cramps (short)
2018 Virgins4lyfe (short)
2013 Deg og meg, mamma (short)

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Tuesday 17. january

Kl 21:15
Driv Cinema


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