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The young nun Cristina sneaks out of her monastery to attend to an urgent matter. Her journey takes her all around town, trying to find a police officer she has met before. Unable to find him, she gets caught in the car of a dangerous sex offender.

Miracle is an original crime story by Romanian director Bogdan George Apetri, depicting the mysterious disappearance of the nun Cristina (Ioana Bugarin) who went missing after getting into the wrong taxi on the wrong day. The enigmatic story is told in two parts: first we follow Cristina on her journey until it takes a rather dramatic turn. Then, as the police investigation begins, the story focuses around Marius Preda (Emanuel Pârvu), a determined police detective trying to understand what happened to her. The detective, who seems to have known Cristina better than what he expresses, retraces her last movements, step by step. His investigation uncovers clues and revelations leading to the answers of why she left the monastery in the first place.

Miracle is the second film of a trilogy, following Unidentified (2020), which received the Special Jury Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival 2020.


Bogdan George Apetri’s (b.1976) is a producer, writer and director from Romania, now based in New York. Apetri teaches directing at Columbia University in New York. Amongst the films he produced are 3 Backyards (2010) and Advantageous (2015). Miracle is Apetri's third feature film.


2020 Neidentificat / Unidentified 
2010 Periferic / Outbound
2003 Crossing (Short)
2002 Corny (Short)
2002 The Arrival of the Train at the Station (Short)

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