Film Concert: Limite

A true avant-garde experimental masterpiece. Limite can be directly translated to boundaries, transitions or divisions, and there are many of those in the film; between land and sea, between past and present, life and death, and especially between one image and the next.

The Brazilian film follows a kind of narrative about a man and two women in a rowing boat, lost at sea. They have left something behind, and are looking towards a new future. Through flashbacks, the story is poetically linked together. Here, the meaning lies not necessarily in the individual scenes, but rather in the relationship between them. It is a mysterious, innovative and philosophical film, and Mollestad has composed music that creates a harmonious interplay between listening and seeing.

Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen is the musical director for the project. With seven albums with her own trio and three solo releases, two Spellemann Awards, and several nominations, she has established herself as a recognized artist. Her current musical exploration, including the performance "Liquid Borders," aligns well with the theme of the film. In dialogue with Mollestad, TIFF has formed a new ensemble that will, during the festival week, recontextualize this classic silent film.

The new Barents band consists of four independent professional musicians:

Aleksander Kostopoulos, drums
Vladislav Demin, violin
Innokentiy Ivanov, vibraphone
Ståle Storløkken, keyboard


Mário Peixoto (b. 1908) was a Brazilian poet, writer and director best known for the film Limite. He directed it at the age of just 21, and never made another film. Limite had an almost mythical reputation until critics restored the only copy in the 70s. In 1988, it was chosen as the best Brazilian film of all time in a national poll, and again in 1995.


1931 Limite

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Friday 19. january

Kl 21:30
Driv Cinema


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