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The boss of an industrial scales factory is awaiting a visit by a committee that could give his company an award for excellence. As trouble keeps on haunting his employees, the boss tries to camouflage one catastrophe after another.

Spanish director Fernando León de Aranoa and actor Javier Bardem team up once again, this time creating a dark comedy about serious struggles in the workplace. Over the course of a week, we get to know the troubles the workers at the factory face as they share their concerns with the titular "good" boss Blanco (Bardem). In many eyes (and certainly his own) he is a father figure for them all, always busy making everyone content and everything running smoothly.

Of course, Blanco also has his own issues. He hides poorly his interest in young interns, and his white lies and egocentric attitude often backfires on the employees. But that goes with the territory when you are the boss of it all, doesn’t it? However, during this week Blanco’s patience will be tested to its limits. Just when he needs his fabric to look immaculate, the whole world seems to conspire against him. How far will he go to get his prestigious award?


Fernando León de Aranoa (b. 1978) is both the writer and director of The Good Boss. In 2002, he won the Concha de Oro Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival and five Goya awards for the film Mondays in the Sun.


2017 Loving Pablo / Loving Pablo Escobar
2015 A Perfect Day
2010 Amador
2005 Princesas / Princesses 
2002 Los lunes as sol / Mondays in the Sun

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