Art and Activism: The Fifth Wheel

The Fifth Wheel is a project by the Simorgh Theater from Herat, Afghanistan, and the transnational KULA Company from Berlin, where artists living in hiding get the opportunity to express themselves.

Women in Afghanistan are subjected to constant and systematic oppression. Since the withdrawal of allied troops, the artists of the all-women Simorgh Theater, repeatedly marginalized and persecuted, have been running from hiding place to hiding place. Acting underground, they deal with texts from Bertolt Brecht. Robert Schuster, director of KULA Company, has become a transmitter between these women and the international public.

In April 2023 – KULA Company will show the performance "Underground Birds" at Hålogaland Teater. "Underground Birds" is an international collaboration between the German KULA Company, Italian Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen, Afghan Simorgh Theater Herat and Hålogaland Teater.

After the screening, you are invited to a talk in Teaterkafeen.


About Robert Schuster / KULA Company

Robert Schuster is a German theatre and opera director. In 2004 he accepted a professorship at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. He headed the directing department. His first feature film Draussen ist Drüben was made in 2012, an examination of his youth in the GDR. In 2016, these meetings gave rise to the transnational KULA Company. The company brings together actors from different countries. The experimental laboratory remains the working principle of the company.


2012 Draussen ist Drüben

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Wednesday 18. january

Kl 14:45
Hålogaland Teater


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