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The role of the storyteller examines the power that lies within the film industry to build worlds, shape memories, and change perceptions. We’ll look at who’s telling the stories, who isn’t, and why that matters.

We are gathering four emerging Arab filmmakers and their films to a panel discussion over a cup of Arabic coffee to ask all these questions and explore the answers. How do Arab filmmakers shape their original stories to become fully-fledged films? What processes accompany them as they develop their ideas? What role do film curators and programmers play in highlighting certain stories?

Firas Khoury (Alam, 2022)
In Khoury’s captivating feature film debut, we meet a group of Palestinian high-school friends in Israel who are imposed “forced forgetting”. As Israel’s independence day draws nearer, they must weigh the risks involved in remembering their own story.

Jumana Manna (Foragers, 2022)
Foragers mixes fiction and documentary about two food plants that grow in Israel-Palestine. They form a concrete basis that exemplifies legal, ethnic, and class-based differences between Palestinians and Israelis in the occupied areas around Jerusalem, Galilee, and the Golan Heights.

Mohammed Abugeth (The Devil’s Drivers, 2021)
Impoverished Palestinians are forced to seek illegal work in Israel, and human traffickers transport them across the border. This suspenseful documentary portrays the smuggler’s dangerous work and the reasons behind their risk-taking.

Moderator: Mohamed Jabaly

Time: Saturday, 2 pm
Place: Tromsø library

Watch the event at Tromsø library or live here:

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