Samtaler om Nord: Altasaken og kampene som fulgte

"Talks of the North" builds a bridge between the silver screen and the public debate. Tromsø International Film Festival invites, together with iTromsø, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Samfunnsløftet, to a series of talks based on one or more of this year's festival films.

The film Ellos eatnu - Let the river flow is highly topical today, over 40 years after the chains rattled in Stilla and Sami activists went on hunger strike with their lives at stake in front of the Parliament. In what way are the burning questions about the right to land and water still a battle for Sami culture and way of life?

Director Ole Giæver and lead actress Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen meet reindeer owner at Fosen and member of the Governing Council of the Sámi Parliament Maja Kristine Jåma for a conversation the day after the world premiere of Ellos eatnu - Let the river flow.

In the panel:
Ole Giæver - director of Ellos eatnu - Let the river flow
Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen - actress, artist and activist
Maja Kristine Jåma - member of the Sámi Parliament and reindeer owner

Moderator: Svein Harald Lian - journalist, iTromsø

Time: Tuesday, January 17th at 3.30 pm
Location: Tromsø library

Watch the talk either at Tromsø Library or our live stream at and here: 

NOTE: The talk will be held in Norwegian

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