FFN - Lockdown: Everything is Gonna be Okay?

What will happen on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic? Will it be okay?

They say everything will be fine. But will it really?

A film shot entirely during six peak weeks as COVID-19 hits the world - and the small Arctic town of Tromsø. The filmmaker follows a group of individuals, that each in their own way are trying to grasp, interpret and cope with their existence being turned upside down. As apocalypse looms and one snow storm after another hits their town, their paths collide. What awaits on the other side?


Carl Christian Lein Størmer (b. 1982) is a filmmaker and musician from Tromsø, Norway. He's made several short films and music videos and his first documentary feature film There's Always Next Season was screened at TIFF 2019.

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Friday 22. january

Kl 17:00
TIFF Digital 2

Tickets available from 17.01.2021 12:00


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