TIFF UNG: The Lost Boys

A film with incredibly talented actors, which makes the love feel very real.

Joe has done something illegal, but we don't know what. He is in a facility for juvenile delinquents. When William arrives at this place, it's love at first sight for Joe. This is a beautiful romance that feels genuine because the chemistry between them is incredibly good. Problems arise when Joe has to stay there three months longer than predicted, leading to a big argument. The other boys there wonder if they will ever be released. Everyone starts banging on their room doors; they want to rebel. The escalating revolt may have fatal consequences. But then again, what kind of future do these guys face anyway?

The film has many beautiful metaphors. "A fish caught in ice doesn't come back to life. It dies." You have to pay attention, listen to what is being said, and think for yourself. And the film has an open ending – do they meet again? An artistic and beautiful film that evokes emotions. It has the best chemistry between actors of all the movies we have seen!

Welcome to TIFF UNG! This film program consists of four movies specially selected by a dedicated group of young people.

Screenings are only for those aged 15 to 19 and are free of charge. Tickets will be handed out at Aurora Kino Fokus one hour before the screening. First come, first served!

Many thanks to Tvibit and Ung Kulturrabatt for the collaboration!

BELGIUM, FRANCE 2023 RUNNING TIME 1h 23m DIRECTOR Zeno Graton PRODUCERS Priscilla Bertin, Valérie Bournonville, Judith Nora, Joseph Rouschop DIALOGUE French SUBTITLES English

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Thursday 18. january

Kl 18:15
TIFF UNG (For youth 15-19. Free admission)
Fokus 4


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