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A vivid and musically charged drama about the right to express oneself. The film takes place in a working-class neighbourhood in Casablanca, where the former rapper Anas tries to motivate his students at a cultural centre to start rapping about their life and issues.

Casablanca Beats is a vibrant mix of musical drama and inspirational story, about a group of teens at a cultural centre learning to express themselves through hip-hop. The cultural center in Casablanca, called Les Etoiles de Sidi Moumen, is a real place, co-founded by the film's director Nabil Abouch. This fact gives the film a highly documentarian, lively feel. We are thrown into the heated classroom together with the talented youngsters. Through rap, social and personal issues in their lives become suddenly visible.

The rap music and the charismatic cast make Casablanca Beats a bubbling, engaging experience. Anas, the students' mentor, is teaching them with a hard hand, but the reward is life-changing for the aspiring rappers. The film is the first Moroccan film selected for the main competition at Cannes Film Festival since 1962.


Nabil Ayouch (b. 1969) is a French-Moroccan film director, producer and writer. Ayouch was born in Paris, but moved to Casablanca in 1993, where he still lives. His film Much Loved from 2015 was included in the Director's Fortnight section at Cannes Film Festival, but in Morocco the film was banned for "contempt for moral values".


2017 Razzia
2015 Much Loved
2012 Les chevaux de Dieu / Horses of God

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