Un amor

In search of solace from the demands of urban life, Nat, a 30-year-old translator, finds herself taking refuge in the serene countryside village in rural Spain. Nestled in a weathered, rustic house accompanied only by a loyal but unpolished stray dog, she strives to put her life back on track.

This is a gripping tale that explores the intricacies of human relationships and the complex dynamics at play here in the countryside. A woman’s attempt to establish a sense of normalcy offers various challenges when it comes to hostility and distrust from the local villagers, making her adjustment into the close-knit community challenging. The situation takes an unexpected turn when Andreas, a neighbor, presents Natalia with an inappropriate sexual proposal. In a moment of vulnerability, she yields to this unsettling advance, setting in motion a series of events that will redefine her understanding of passion, intimacy, and self-identity.

The landscape that initially represented an escape from communal pressures soon transforms into a stage for the manifestation of social hell. Once hopeful about the rural surroundings, she realizes the harsh truth that the countryside is not a sanctuary, but a reflection of societal struggles on a smaller scale. This nuanced exploration of loneliness, degradation, and general expectations paints a vivid picture and becomes a metaphor for the lack of control over both her environment and her destiny.


Isabel Coixet (f. 1960) began her career in advertising after completing her education in Barcelona, but in 1989, she made her debut as a film director. Since then, the Spanish filmmaker has more than 40 productions to her name. She is credited as a screenwriter for many of them. In addition to feature films, she is an award-winning documentarian. She is best known for My Life Without Me (2003), The Secret Life of Words (2005), Elegy (2008) and Bookshop (2017).


2022 The Yellow Ceiling
2019 Elisa & Marcela
2017 The Bookshop
2008 Elegy
2005 The Secret Life of Words
2003 My Life Without Me

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