Other People's Children

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Rachel starts a complicated relationship with single father Ali. Their emerging family ties awaken in Rachel a desire for motherhood, which she was not aware of before. A warm and bittersweet film about the modern family and being a stepmom.

Writer-director Rebecca Zlotowski gives us a warm and honest portrait of our child-free heroine, and a situation many adults must face at some point in their lives. Where do the already existing children fit into a new relationship? What happens to the bond between stepparent and stepchildren if the relationship starts to break down? The film also deals with Rachel's relationship with the teenagers she teaches at the local high school. How much responsibility do teachers have for other people's children?

Virginie Efira delivers a charming and believable portrait of a woman who realizes that it is now or never, but who also does not want to compromise on her own values. There are the dizzying heights of new love, and the devastating lows of personal tragedy, both sprinkled with humor and recognizable everyday situations. "Life is both short and long," says Rachel to her elderly gynecologist, reminding us that not everything can be planned the way we want it to be.


Rebecca Zlotowski (b. 1980) is a French director and scriptwriter from Paris. She studied modern literature at Ecole Normale Supérieure, before studying scriptwriting at La Fémis. Belle Épine, her graduation project and first feature film, was nominated for several awards at Cannes film festival. She won the François Chalais award at Cannes a few years later, for the film Grand Central.


2019 Les Sauvages / Savages (TV)
2019 Une fille facile / An easy girl
2016 Planetarium
2013 Grand Central
2010 Belle Épine / Dear Prudence

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