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Based on the real story of 17th-century nun Benedetta Carlini, this entertaining film from Paul Verhoeven tackles questions of power, gender relations and truth. Is Benedetta using faith as a tool for self-promotion, or is she really chosen by God? 

Benedetta is a film that defies easy characterization: at times epic, sometimes absurd, but also funny and smart, it provides a unique experience for the viewer. It all starts when the young Benedetta, from a rich Italian family, travels to the convent with her family - and on her way there, a miracle already happens. But what really changes her fate is when, as a young woman, she meets a new recruit, the poor but feisty Bartolomea, with whom she starts a relationship. From then on, Benedetta's visions grow more frequent. Hailed as a saint by some, she becomes the subject of suspicions, jealousy and conspiracy. 

Paul Verhoeven explores the real story of Benedetta Carlini by focusing on the ambiguity of truth and the pitfalls of ideological fanatism. Obviously fascinated by religious symbolism, Verhoeven indulges in lush and over-the-top images of religious devotions and faith. At the same time, the film feels like a tale of caution for modern times: Who decides what is God's will? asks one of the nuns. And who decides who shapes society's narratives? 

NB! The screening at 00:00 is the night of Saturday to Sunday.


Paul Verhoeven is a Dutch director, born in 1938 in Amsterdam. His long filmography includes his first breakthrough, Turkish Delight (1973), his first Hollywood film (Flesh and Blood), as well as the erotic thriller Basic Instinct (1992). Known for their graphic content and eroticism, Verhoeven's films also often contain elements of social satire. 


2016 Elle
2006 Black Book
1992 Basic Instinct
1990 Total Recall
1985 Flesh and Blood
1973 Turkish Delight

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