Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush

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This is the true story of Turkish citizen Murat Kurnaz who was held in extrajudicial detention in Guantanamo Bay and tortured by the American military for five years. In this film, we follow his mother’s fight for his release.

After the terror attacks on 9/11 President George W. Bush launched the War on Terror. Many suspects were placed in a military prison in Guantanamo Bay, and among them was Murat Kurnaz. His mother, the talkative and spritely Rabiye, quickly takes charge when her son goes missing during a trip to Afghanistan. Together with her lawyer, the always correct Mr. Docke, they piece together what has happened with Murat. The judicial paper mill is in full swing. Along the way, we get to know these people. The friendly and caring Rabiye surely can’t be the mother of a terrorist?

This film is based on a true story about a mother that never gave up the fight for her son. It’s a personal story that grows increasingly frustrating as the years go by, but despite the tragic theme, this film is full of humor and optimism. We follow the steadfast Rabiye on her journey to justice. We see her and her lawyer travel to Washington and the Supreme Court, through a labyrinth of international politics and legal mazes.


Andreas Dresen is a German director born in 1963. His films have a realistic style, bordering on the semi-documentary. He has received several prizes for his films, amongst them Un Certain Regard in Cannes for Stopped On Track in 2011.


2018 Gundermann
2011 Stopped On Track
2008 Cloud 9
2005 Summer in Berlin
2002 Grill Point

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