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A fascinating and visually stunning film from below the surface, where marine photographer Patrick Dykstra explores an unknown world and community of whales, still some of the ocean’s most mystical and majestic animals.

Patrick Dykstra lives for swimming with, researching and protecting whale populations all over the globe. He photographs and films the massive animals beneath the surface and his pictures and videos are some of the most impressive ever captured underwater. Sperm whales, killer whales, blue whales, humpbacks and many more rule the oceans and may seem invincible, but they are still under threat from predators and environmental dangers. The sperm whale can weigh up to 50 tons and have the largest brain of any mammal. During a trip outside the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean in 2019, Patrick experiences an unusual encounter with a particular sperm whale, a female he lovingly names Dolores. He feels an inexplicable bond with the enormous animal and hopes to use that in his research where he tries to find the answers to what the whales are thinking and what they seek.

This extraordinary, beautiful documentary takes the audience on an adventure below the surface where we get to see how whales communicate, sing and show emotions towards each other. Although the film also tackles the dangers the whales are exposed to this is more of a story about the vitality of the massive animals and their importance to marine life. Under the arctic sky at our Winter Cinema, you’re invited to visit a world most of us can only dream of ever seeing, while one man has dedicated his entire life to it.


Mark Fletcher is a British director, producer, and editor who has been making nature films for over 25 years. Films and TV productions he’s been involved in have won more than 20 Emmy Awards and he’s lectured at several schools and universities around the world. He’s also been a writer for David Attenborough, the most acclaimed nature program presenter of all time and he’s worked as an editor on some of the BBC’s most recognized programmes, including Frozen Planet. Patrick and the Whale is his directorial feature film debut.


2020 Nature (TV series)
2019 Terra Mater (TV series)
2007 Voyage of the Lonely Turtle (producer)

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Tuesday 17. january

Kl 19:00
Winter Cinema


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